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Post-Operative Instructions


Ankle and Hindfoot Fusion

Ankle Lateral Ligament and/or Deltoid Ligament Repair

Ankle Lateral Ligament Repair +/- Syndesmosis ORIF

Ankle Lateral Ligament Reconstruction

Osteochondral Defect of Ankle

Posterior Ankle Impingement/Os Trigonum

Subchondroplasty of Ankle

Syndesmosis ORIF and Ankle Scope


1st MTP Cheilectomy


Turf Toe

Patient Post-Op

Ankle Arthroscopy

Post-Operative Instructions - Forefoot Surgery

Post-Operative Instructions - Hindfoot Surgery

Type I timeline Post-Operative Protocol

Type II timeline Post-Operative Protocol

Type III timeline Post-Operative Protocol


Achilles Tendon Repair-Accelerated

Achilles Tendon Repair-Delayed

Kidner Procedure

Peroneal Tendon Reconstruction/Groove Deepening

Peroneal Tendon Reconstruction/Groove Deepening Delayed Protocol

Peroneal Tendon Repair


Calcaneus open Reduction Internal Fixation

Fibula Open Reduction Internal Fixation

Operative Foot and Ankle Fracture Care

Fifth Metatarsal open Reduction Internal Fixation

Lisfranc Open Reduction Internal Fixation

Navicular Open Reduction Internal Fixation

Subtalar Dislocation

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Fasciotomies Protocol (Home workout)

Post-op Leg Fasciotomies Protocol: Gym/Physical Therapy Program

Non-Operative Instruction

Achilles Rupture

Ankle Fracture Non-Op Protocol

Calcaneus Fracture Non-Op Protocol

Posterior Ankle Impingement/Os Trigonum Non-op

Home Exercise Program

Achilles Tendonitis Rehab Exercises

Ankle Sprain Rehab Exercises

Basic Ankle Home Exercises Program

Plantar Fasciitis Rehab Exercises

General Foot and Ankle

Care of Diabetic Foot

Metatarsal Pads

Stress Fractures

Stress Fracture Rehabilitation

Femoral/Tibial Stress Fracture Protocol

Tibial Stress Fractures Rehabilitation Protocol

Tibia Stress Fracture Protocol (Home workout)

Tibia Stress Fracture Protocol: Gym/Physical Therapy Program

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